Ansel Reesek

Large and imposing. Calm and ruthless. Careful.


The big man behind the Reesek Specialty Imports & Exports interstellar criminal empire, Ansel prides himself on running a trim and fit ship (in the business sense) as he maneuvers pawns and organizations across the rimward areas of the sector.

His family is deeply involved in the founding and organization of the Saint’s Rest colony, and very influential in its development these last two centuries. Reesek Specialty is, in itself, a solid business empire tending to the unaffiliated coreward worlds. In the last forty years, under Ansel’s management, the company has expanded to handle imports and exports of goods deemed illegal by the two major polities of the region (the FSL and the Sduri March).

Trading on his homeworld’s non-extradition treaties with both polities, he carefully maneuvers events so that the organization (and himself) reaps the maximum potential profit while remaining immune to prosecution and retaliation (legally) from either state.

Ansel Reesek

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